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FlameTech™ Interior FRTW KDAT

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We provide FlameTech FRTW TSO or Finished Goods.

Finished Goods are available in job pack, LTL, truckload and railcar quantities:

  • Dimension Lumber & Studs (2×4-2×12 #2&Btr)
  • DF & SYP Timbers (3x – 12x)
  • Fir & Pine Plywood (4×8-4×10 ACX, BCX, CDX SE, UL SE, UL T&G)

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FlameTech FRTW is manufactured in partnership with Royal Pacific Industries, LLC., a licensed treatment service provider, operating under the governance and in strict compliance with established third-party quality control standards (Intertek) as required by ICC AC66 and IBC 2303.2. All licensed treaters and their treatment locations are listed on FlameTech’s Intetek Research Report: CCRR-1088, and on Intertek’s Authorization to Mark (ATM) Report available under Technical Specs.

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FlameTech West
Coast Treatment Locations

Royal Pacific Industries
28770 Dike Road
Rainier, Oregon 97048

Royal Pacific Industries
33532 South Kropf Rd.
Molalla, OR 97038